How Your Work Together will look (over a six month period)


Twelve (12) Heal Yourself Group Fast Track Calls

For the first three months, your group will meet weekly with your Weight Loss Coach, Meg Smit, for a Fast Track Coaching Sessions (45-60 minutes long). Meg will help you move past stressors and confusion about your weight loss journey and guide you into a healthy lifestyle so you can learn how to keep the weight off forever. Meg will customize these calls based on your personal biological data and preferences so you can achieve your goals with more ease.

(VALUE $1,800)

Six (6) Body BioHack Group Implementation Calls

For the second three months, your group will meet twice monthly with your Weight Loss Coach, Meg Smit, to implement your Fast Track Body Hack Coaching. Each Session will be 45-60 minutes long. These calls will support your progress to leverage your biological data and honor your body with customized food, fitness and lifestyle choices.  

(VALUE   $900)

Four (4) Seasonal Slimdown 14 Day Cleanses

Seasonal eating has massive benefits for your health, our planet and your wallet.  Weight Loss Coach, Meg Smit, offers 4 seasonal slimdown cleanses annually that change with the seasons.  Each member of your group will receive all 4 Seasonal Slimdowns for one year after they begin the program.  Seasonal Slimdowns come with 50+ Seasonal recipes, a program guide, 14 Day Suggested Meal Plan + Shopping List and more.

(VALUE $  788)

Three (3) Advanced Body BiohHack Training Workshops

Your group will have access to three (3) two-hour pre-recorded training workshops (6 hours total). These training workshops include: Clean Eating in a Filthy World, Advanced Biohacking, and Mastering Your Gut Health. 

(VALUE $1,500)



BONUS #1: Twelve (12) Week Heal Yourself Online Masterclass

Simultaneously with your Heal Yourself Fast Track Group Calls, you will complete The Heal Yourself Online Masterclass.  Created by certified nutritionists and naturopaths to help you take back control of your health, you will learn weekly concepts for natural health and implement new skills allowing you to make sustainable changes in your health and wellness.  Weight Loss Coach, Meg Smit, will debrief your group on your lessons each week and guide you in personalized lifestyle applications for each new concept.*

(VALUE $3,600)

BONUS #2: Six (6) Week BioHack Online Masterclass

During your second three months, on alternating weeks with your Body Hack Fast Track Group Calls, you will complete The BioHack Online Masterclass.  Created by Weight Loss Coach Meg Smit and leveraging ancient weight management lifestyle techniques with modern scientific approaches, you will learn how to work smarter, not harder to leverage your biological code to yield desired body composition.  Weight Loss Coach, Meg Smit, will debrief your group on your lessons on alternating weeks and guide you in personalized lifestyle applications for each new concept.*

(VALUE $2,300)

BONUS #3: Twelve (12) Month Gift Membership to the Inspired Wellness Network

The Inspired Wellness Network is a dynamic online group of men and women who love to connect, learn, grow, and be inspired. Our in person and online events and content naturally attract health and wellness professionals, people who are passionate about health, and those who just want to connect with other men and women of the same interests.  Member practitioners from every holistic health modality provide weekly content online to the network including lessons, live-streams, guides, tips and more.

(VALUE   $120)

BONUS #4: Twelve (12) Month Gift Membership to FMTV (Food Matters TV)

FMTV is a global online streaming TV channel and curator of hundreds of films and videos on health and nutrition topics. FMTV offers guided programs on subjects including overcoming stress and insomnia, cleansing and detoxing, yoga and exercise, preparing for the birth of a child, and fighting cancer and other diseases – all through healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Healthy recipes, expert interviews with global experts and informative and supportive social communities are a click away.

(VALUE   $150)

Total Value $11,200 per Group Member

Investment Per Group Member Only $2,500 

  • Minimum of 5 group members 
  • All group members must be paid in full prior scheduling group calls  
  • The group must agree upon a weekly time for coaching calls that works with Meg’s availability (MST):
    • Monday-Friday 1pm-3pm, 7pm-9pm  
    • Saturday-Sunday 9am-11am, 7pm-9pm